Christopher Johnston.

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CRCC drop-in center offers trafficking survivors safe, quiet place

By Christopher Johnston

For survivors of human trafficking, the need for community support and simple respite from their ongoing trauma is both urgent and virtually unlimited. After more than a year of planning and overseeing the build-out of a former KeyBank branch at 10450 Superior Ave. on the southwest corner of East 105th Street in Glenville, Cleveland Rape… | The Cleveland High School Shooting: Portrait of the Suspect as Teenager

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Time

In hindsight, the poem on T.J. Lane’s Facebook page was an apparent omen. But before this week, it had all the originality of every adolescent’s angry angst. A touch of goth. A dollop of rebellion. An obsession with mortality. It ends with these lines: “Feel death, not just mocking you. Not just stalking you but inside of you…”

Northern Ohio Live | Disarming the Bomb in Hunter’s Head

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Northern Ohio Live
Sep 1, 1999

Fortunately, the tiny bomb lurking in Hunter Severns’ head has not escaped detection. Diagnostic scans on two light screens on the operating room wall reveal its shadowy outlines insinuating throughout his brain, stealing blood from its rightful recipients…

Cleveland Tab | Letter from Israel

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Cleveland Tab

Until a few months ago, Dror Moredechi, a grocery store owner outside of Beit She’an, Israel, probably never thought he would feel closer to people from Cleveland than to some of his own relative; But that changed after June 19, 2003…

Cleveland Magazine | Road Warriors

Christopher Johnston
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Faced by a fresh awareness of the “finiteness” of life, Henry A. Zimmerman III decided that quality time with his son meant spending seven weeks together on a 9,OOO-mile odyssey around America in a 1982 VW Vanagon…

Freshwater Cleveland | Legal clinic helps people expunge criminal pasts

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Freshwater Cleveland
July 9, 2015

On an overcast Saturday morning, when most attorneys his age are golfing, James Levin sits behind a metal desk in a basement office of the Famicos building on Ansel Road in Glenville, trying to unravel the convoluted legal history of a Cleveland man named Albert.

Scientific American | Personal Grooming Products May Be Harming Great Lakes Marine Life

Christopher Johnston
August 11, 2010

Thanks to hybrid hydraulics, there is something especially awesome in the power of the next generation of garbage and delivery trucks that will soon be rolling through your neighborhood. Although they may still look like big, bulky trucks, inside they boast hydraulic power-train systems that are significantly more energy and fuel efficient than similar conventional or gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. | World War II Crimes: The Legal Afterlife of John Demjanjuk

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Time
March 3, 2012

John Demjanjuk died March 17 as he had lived much of the last 35 years of his life: in the shadow of the courts. And his legal afterlife is likely to see his friends and lawyers trying to wrest him from judicial limbo.

American Theater | The Velocity of Eric Coble

Christopher Johnston
American Theater

You’re playwright Eric Coble. You’ve spent two decades getting more than 40 original plays and adaptations produced on six out of seven continents and racking up numerous awards.

The Storyteller

Cleveland Magazine | The Storyteller

Christopher Johnston
PUB: Cleveland Magazine

So, have you heard the one about the Irishman who walked into a bar to apply for a job and 10 years later walked out the owner? No, this isn’t a joke. It’s a story – a story about a storyteller. The Irishman is Brendan Ring, proprietor of Nighttown restaurant and bar. Top of Cedar Hill, Cleveland Heights.