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A day in the life of a Cleveland Food Bank truck driver during COVID-19

John Daniel “JD” Aylward is Christopher Johnston’s nephew and one of several of Johnson’s loved ones who are serving on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis. Johnston shares the pride Aylward and his coworker, U.S. Marshal Tony Keffer, feel in serving their fellow Clevelanders at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Despite the fact his asthma designated him high-risk and…

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Covid-19 and crime accelerate economic struggles in Mt. Pleasant neighborhood

Bullet holes peppering the aluminum entrance to the Southern Café East hint at the sobering story of distress tormenting the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Owner and Executive Chef Tony Fortner, who has invested in the community only to find his opportunity for success stymied by Covid-19, currently finds himself living a nightmare that’s far from finished.…

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Fighting to open closed doors: how advocates stepped up efforts to help sex trafficking survivors in a world where hiding victims is easier than ever

This article is from Eye on Ohio, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Ohio Center for Journalism. Please join their free mailing list, as this helps provide more public service reporting. For women survivors of sex trafficking struggling to make ends meet, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated an already desperate situation. Funding programs to support them have shifted…

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