Ghosts of Vietnam

The Lives and Losses of Bravo 1/9

This book chronicles six men who served in Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion, Ninth Marines, better known in Marine lore as The Walking Dead. Isolated at Khe Sanh, the northernmost point in South Vietnam, these Marines fought valiantly for nearly two years against the larger forces of the North Vietnamese Army. In the end, they suffered the highest loss rate in US Marine Corps history.

Ghosts of Vietnam captures the untold stories of these men before, during and after the Vietnam War. Five came back to build lives and families, despite physical and psychological torments that have haunted them for decades. One did not. Yet a fellow

Marine wrestling with demons of his own spent 40 years trying to find one survivor who could tell him what happened to his boyhood friend that day on Hill 861 in March of ’67.

His discovery reveals a tale of heroism that exemplifies Bravo 1/9 and brings closure to the young man’s mother and everyone who understood the promise lost that day.